Saturday, April 17, 2010


time won't stop. time can't stop. even though i wish it would. life is complicated. life is hard. but time is cruel and moves on no matter what. i am growing up. everyday. every second i am a different person. i am changing. i don't want what i used to. i don't want what i used to. i don't. and time doesn't care. and moves on. it takes care of us that way. it lets us move forward and be different people. the people we want to be. give it time. cause sometimes that is all we really need.

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Sarah © said...

i've been thinking about this lately too.
i'm glad that we've been able to witness each other grow, learn and be different people all the way since 3rd grade.
i like who we've grown into :)
and it's good time goes by, i wouldn't want to be back where i've been.
you are deep.. haha.