Wednesday, December 22, 2010


i have been thinking. i have often said how much i hate goodbyes. but i am getting unbearably good at them. every bird must fly away. i am just waiting for the warm weather. i have a sliver in my wing. excuses excuses. i still very much so hate goodbyes. i would much prefer a good hello. less heartbreaking i suppose. so try something with me. i don't know how it will work. but, don't say goodbye. just say be seeing you. like in the notebook. so blogger readers. be seeing you.

happy holidays.

happy holidays blog readers. think about what makes you happy and let that stay in your mind what ever might come your way. life is a crazy party. just love it. now is not the time to let stuff bog you down. keep it light loves. ciao.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


today bloggers, i am grateful for feet. i stand on them all day long and they take a beating for me so i can do what i need to do. and they give me balance. think about it. imagine if your legs just ended in nubs. bye bye balance. that would be no good. at all. so i am glad i have feet that keep me up and help me stand. i would be so utterly lost without them. thank you feet. and i apologize for not thanking you til now. keep up the good work.