Sunday, July 31, 2011

romance & comedy.

what a wonderful blend. always so predictable. the boy meets the girl, they find happiness together, one of them keeps a secret, secret gets blown, they are torn apart, and by the end they are in love again. but that predictability makes me love them. though the world keeps on changing my chick-flicks will always be constant. i can't help that i love the cheesiness. i am really lame.. a hopeful romantic, that is super cheesy herself. but thats okay, because life should get to be like a romantic comedy at least some of the time.

sending kisses.

as best said by aunt judy,

you can send him blown kisses and he we will get them in a matter of minutes.

i love that.

genuinely happy.

i am genuinely happy today. jack johnson always seems to make my days brighter, he is playing in the background as i type. i have been so busy that now that my mind is slowed down i think of how lucky i am. i am living and breathing and in love with the world. and i have a bright future ahead of me. and i wish everyone felt like that. even in the darkest of times we are all blessed in some way or another. somewhere out in this crazy world someone loves you. just remember life is for living not sulking. be happy in the skin you were given because it is beautiful. you are beautiful. and you deserve to be genuinely happy. wishing you the best.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

blast off.

The dreaded day has finally come. puffy eyed and runny nosed i have survived. i can't really sleep. even though i need to. i have early work. i guess i just have a lot to say.

dear love,

i am so proud of you. you are a tremendous
man and you will always be in my heart.
forever and ever you are my guy.
no matter what anybody else says
you make me happy
and you make me feel loved.
and though you are gone temporarily
it's only a few seconds right.
make me proud.
give 'em heaven.
i love you.

your lady.

and then. he was gone. for now.
*we may only have tonight.
but til the morning comes
you're mine
all mine

play the music low
and sway to the rhythm of love..*
goodbyes are hard.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


not to be confused with parrotism. or riotism. i love america. i love that people fight to keep us free. i love that in this country i have rights. and i love that i can vote. i love that i am free. the fourth of july always seems to make me proud to be an american. so the government isn't so great sometimes, and maybe there are things that are wrong. but with just me being an american i am proud, everything else could be wrong. but i'm still free.