Sunday, November 27, 2011

new obsessions.

yes bloggers, i have become uncontrollably addicted to the vampire diaries. I love it. and in a manner of 2 weeks i have completely caught myself up on everything mystic falls. yep i watched every single episode. i can't wait til january 5th.

Friday, November 18, 2011

i was running.

i was running bloggers. running away from a past i didn't want anyone to know about. i was depressed bloggers. i wrote my heart into poems, and put those poems on a blog. and then i hid that blog from the world. i just now went back. i read the words i had written. and they were beautiful. painfully beautiful. and i decided i can't hide how i was. i need to share my words. the great thing about forever changing, is that, the girl i was, who wrote those some heartbreaking words, does not consume me any longer. but her story is beautiful. so i am no longer running. no longer hiding. i give my words to you and you can take them as you will. part of growing up and moving on is accepting what has happened in the past. so please. be my guest. read my words. i am giving them to you.

visit my poetry blog. the link is below.

LuLu Lya Speaks

let me know what you think. it's been a long time since i have let anyone read those words.

forever changing.

somethings touch you. and change you. and make you want to be better. some people touch you. and change you. and make you want to be better. we are an ever evolving humanity. not one human being in the whole world can stay exactly the same forever. everyday is a new day. a cliche i've heard for as long as i can remember. but it's true. who in this world gets up at exactly 7:03 every day and gets dressed in precisely 5.25 minutes and takes exactly the same number of steps in exactly the same spots every single day. the answer is no one. we are all changing bloggers. isn't it wonderful. we are growing up. every day. never stopping for one moment.

i hope i am becoming better. changing for better. growing into an immovable tree with beautiful leaves and scars on my bark. we are forever changing. and i am embracing it. care to join me?

Monday, November 14, 2011

researching & papers.

i should be writing a research paper right now. should being the key word.

lyrics from the mind of scout.

a song i wrote dedicated to my lovely cowboy proudly serving the people of texas mcallen

we said goodbye
you kissed my lips one last time
you looked at me
with those big brown eyes
and i cried.

you touched my cheek
and you said
baby we don't have to speak
i've got it all in my heart
here it is:

I know that you know
that you make me happy
and even though we'll be far apart
your soul will still sing to me.

and everyday in every way
i'll feel your heart beating
cause you know that i know
that you love me.