Sunday, April 11, 2010

broken song.

do you want to run away
from your problems?
and do you want to turn away
from this life that's done you wrong?

but everytime i do.
i see the faces
of the people i can't
let down

i know that i've got
to be strong for them
cause it kills me
to see them frown

so i put on a happy face
for the world
so they won't see
my tears.

and i put on a stupid act
for the world
so they'll think
that i've got no fears.

but i don't want to be
a broken
person anymore

and i don't want to have
to hide
from the people
that i adore.

i want to let you
i want to let you in
but i can't

and it kills me.
it kills me
that i am broken
for you.

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