Thursday, January 19, 2012

guilty pleasures.

cosmo magazine.
junk food.
vampire diaries.
facebook stalking.

these are the deep dark things
i just can't live without

keep dancing like an angel scout.

my michael wrote me these words. and he has never even seen me dance. he believes in me. and that alone gives me strength to believe in my self.

talk about embarrassing.

oh boy bloggers. i have gone weeks without changing my font size because i couldn't figure the darn thing out anymore. than i found the right button to push for it to give me what i wanted. it was right in front of my face. oh boy. talk about embarrassing.

Friday, January 6, 2012


most of my blog posts lately have been about my lovely missionary. and i think that may be because he is always on my mind. he has been gone for 5 months and a couple weeks. and no i do not have an exact count down (i am not a crazy person). we have been together for 1 year and 7 months. and let me tell you. though it is hard to have him gone. and have to be alone for awhile. i consider myself so blessed.

i got straight a's this semester. which i guarentee would not have happened if he were with me.

i have gotten to know his family on a level that is completely wonderful. his sister is one of my bestest best friends and i really feel like i am one of the bybee's. and i wouldn't have really gotten to know them on this level if he were here.

i wouldn't be as patient as i am becoming if he were here. it takes alot of work to have him be away from me, but i know that because he is out serving the lord and i am waiting, i will be a more patient and loving mother one day.

if he weren't gone i would probably be married to him by now. and though i love him with all of my heart, i am not ready to be married yet. i have a lot of growing up to do before i will be. and maybe i will be ready in two year maybe in 10. but having this time to be independent is really helping me out.

if he weren't gone i wouldn't get to recieve his letters (right now once a month). i have always been old fashioned and i love that though he is gone i can read his letters and feel his love not only for me, but for his lord and the people of his mission. he is really becoming the man i want to have forever.

i had this epiphany just now. it is hard to have him away, but i am being blessed because he is. i worry, i pray, and i can't get him off my mind. this is a love i wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

i know we can make it work.


mine and michael bowman's love bowl when we went to color me mine on our anniversary.

michael bowman and i at his family yard sale. we found a giant mirror.

these are some little gem's i found from my lovely's mobile upload folder. remembering makes me really happy.