Monday, April 5, 2010


hello blog readers. lately i've been thinking about my future. i was watching greek and find myself being the Casey Cartwright of my own life. i know what i want. and most times i go after it. that is just the way it goes. but Casey got scared. and that is exactly where i am right now. i am scared. scared that i'll fail. scared that i'll be alone. scared that i don't have what it takes. and i thought. i don't want to grow up. cause if i grow up, i'll be in a scary new place. i will be alone. i might fail. and i don't like that. i'm scared. i don't know if i'm ready. i want to be. but part of my heart wont let go of everything i've had, everything i've tried so hard to get. colorado is calling. it is so close... fall semester at the school of my dreams. but what if i fail. what if i am alone. what if you fail. what if you are alone... are you going to be ready? i know i'm doing everything in my power to be.

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