Saturday, February 28, 2009


every girl wants a guy that will stroke her hair, hold her tight, keep her warm, kiss her forehead. a guy that will treat her like she is the only girl on the planet. like no one else matters but them. every girl wants a guy that will call her just to say hello, a guy that will stand with her in the rain, be the shoulder that will soak up her tears, a guy that will hold her hand just because... girls want to feel special... and they want someone who will treat them that way.


it feels good to be secure. to know that someone will hold on and never let go... that someone has got your back, no matter what. security is good...

Sunday, February 22, 2009


when you've got nothing left... will you run away.
leaving behind an empty life... will you run away.
not knowing where you are going from here... will you run away.
when you get hurt... will you run away.
when you are rejected... will you run away.
when life is too much... will you run away?

it's one simple question. with one simple answer that can change you. will you run away? no. i will stand up for what i know... and i won't back down. i will be the person that makes a difference because i didn't run. running only gets you so far.... so why run when you can stay.... and make a change. make a difference. though this life is hard... i'm not going anywhere.

a day late.

so let me get this straight. you say now you've loved me all along.
what made you hesitate. to tell me with words what you really feel.
i can see it in your eyes you mean all of what you say.
i remember so long ago, see i felt that same way...

It's funny how it always seems to work out this way... but what can you do? you can't sit waiting on the one who's been a day late for so long now. you've gotta go for it or... move on. if not you might be a day late with the next great person you meet... realize what you've got before it's gone... cause one day... one day can change everything.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


it's funny. how one can get so sick of the only place they've ever known. & seem like they've been caged in the one place on this world that they hate most. trapped. suffocating. dying to run away and never ever look back. that's how it is... Feeling like you are on the inside of a glass box... being judged and mocked... but having no where to go. i'm dying to go... one can only go with out air for so long.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

on my own.

I don't know where i've been
and i don't know where i'm going
all i know is that i have got to go
i'm sorry but i just can't stay

I've got to stand on my own
Take this world alone
i've got to fly i've
got to find my wings
i've got to soar
i've got to find what this life brings
but on my own

I never thought it'd be so hard to let you go
and i
've never been so lost here alone
When i find myself i'll come back to you
but right now i've gotta go it alone

I've got to stand on my own
Take this world alone
i've got to fly i've
got to find my wings
i've got to soar
i've got to find what this life brings
but on my own

breaking point.

I have snapped... it seems that the stress of my world has decided to dog pile on the fragile branch of my life... to the point where it can't stand on it's own... it needs support. we all snap... that's just the way it goes. just know that somebody's gonna come and mend your broken branch... you don't have to do it alone if you don't want to.