Wednesday, February 19, 2014


things are different now. my once sweetheart and former love of my life is engaged to a different woman. many people would find bitterness and hatred out of a situation like this. but to this i say,{ love is love.} though my love is different now, true love is pure and will last through even the most trying of circumstances. i loved my bo with all my heart, and i know we didn't work out. we chose different paths. but just because our paths no longer lead to each other doesn't change the {love} i once had. all the beautiful memories we made, and the tears that we shed. i became a daughter, sister, and aunt to those whom i was not related to. and i had the opportunity to find a version of myself that didn't need a second half. i could stand on my own. for this i can say i regret nothing. pure love is finding joy in the other's happiness. it is not selfish. though this love has morphed from a romantic to a platonic, i am not angry. i am not disappointed. i am happy that the man i once {loved} so dearly has found the person who will carry him to eternity. i had my fair share of mourning but i have grown strong, and i can stand. i am ok. my happily ever after is much different than i thought it would be just a year ago. but i am happy where i am. and i can smile that i am alive and that there are people that {love me.} The great thing about love is that there is plenty to be shared. there isn't ever just one true love. so i know things are different, but i don't have to be afraid of change, and i don't have to be angry. everything will work as it should.