Monday, April 26, 2010


there are so many people yelling at me all the time. down down down. confidence goes down. but no matter how much this life beats me and beats me. i know i am important. yes me. important. maybe not in the world's eyes. but in the eyes of the only one who matters. the one that sent me here, gave me a body, gave me a family, gave my friends, gave me feelings because he thought i was important. me. my one soul out of all the rest he cares about just the same. he knows and cares for me. me. Lya Amber Santa Maria. he loves me. and he always will. i am important to him. even when i am not to anyone else. You are too you know. he loves you. he cares about you. you are important to him. and he wants you to know that... no matter where you go with your life. no matter what mistakes. you are important. and he loves you. you can be forgiven of all your wrong doings because you are important. you matter. in a world of millions, your one soul means everything to him.

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