Monday, March 21, 2011


don't be anti social. life is much too short to not know people. people change lives. people leave memories inside your heart. people can hurt you and people can heal you. people can snap and people can grow. we are so lucky to be the people that we are. because we breathe. and we make interactions. what people did you meet today. do you remember them? but more importantly did you let them remember you?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


i am lya. and i am flawed. i have funny freckles on my face and my shoulders are broad. my fingertips are caullosed and i have scars all over my hands. i am lya and i like to watch kid shows and make silly noises. and i like to pretend that i am british. i am lya and i like to eat junk food and run around in nothing but my underwear. and i like to pop my knuckles.

i am lya. and i am flawed. and you know what. that's perfectly okay with me.
janae. lya will you be a bridesmaid at my wedding. you know. in a few years.
me. only if you'll be one at mine. is there a someone?
janae. oh no. just thought i'd ask. i miss you.
me. i miss you too. love you forever.

my memory slips and this is not word for word. but it made my heart smile. jay i love you.


i miss my soul mates. southern bird and northern star and other such beings. i get in these moods mostly at night. and i weep. just slightly. because i miss my souls. my heart gets so busy sometimes that i don't remember that i actually miss things. but then i slow down. and it pings. and i miss my soul mates. and i think i need to see them. sarah. janae. nicole. saria. my heart pings for you. and you are truly my soul mates forever. because yes i think that i can have more than one. in the non-romantical sort of way.


day's pass one by one until forever. day's and time don't stop for one second. so question is are you awake or are you asleep? does time pass and do you watch it. do you see the flowers grow and people change? or does it kick you off your feet before you know what is happening? try and stay awake (figuratively of course) and see the world. see yourself changing. be aware of the beautiful life that is all around. life is so simply short. so take it in.

Friday, March 4, 2011


i have a box. and inside this box lives everything that makes me happy. {letters, cards, gifts, text messages copied onto napkins.} i love my box. i open it i am happy and for a moment i am just a girl. a happy little girl. living in a box. not a care in the world.