Monday, June 28, 2010

happy birthday little guy.

jonathan edmundo.

dear baby.

:) baby. baby boy. the doctor said you were going to be a girl. you are the surprise of the century. in more ways than one. but baby jonny eddy. i love you. thank you for completing our family. you are in for alot babe. i remember when i heard you were born i was shocked. i was expecting another santa maria girl. but papi said you had the boy parts. and you can't deny nature. for the first five minutes when i heard the news i just thought... what about all the cute little girl clothes... boys are no fun. but you know. when i saw you in your hospital bed you made me love you. and i forgot all about the cute little girl clothes. so don't worry i won't dress you like a girl. i pinky swear. papi was glowing. glowing. he knew you were a boy when the rest of us thought you were a girl... we apologize for that by the way... we love you boy. welcome to the family. number 8. we are a complete boxed set now. love you.


8 pounds 9 ounces 14 inches tall

already making funny faces.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


you give me alot to think about...

everything really.

you make me not want to think.

it hurts my head.


that's what i want to do...

scream and curse.

and maybe write a song.

i love that i'm so confused right now.

right now.


Friday, June 25, 2010

sharpie henna.

today we adventured. we? me and the lovely aubrey snelson... we hennaed. which started out with us having a strange lemon sugar concoction soaking our hands and feet. after an hour of the lovelyness. we rinsed off and inked it up. we remembered how i used to sharpie henna my girls. my crappy dance team girls. it took us a total of three hours to do the soaking and drawing of the designs. but it turned out well. i smell like a foreign country. viva la bollywood.

take two.

see lya. see lya blog. see lya make it as easy as possible for simple people to read.

p.s. i don't use capitalization...

p.p.s. you are just jealous that i have a blog and it has meaning...


here is a post written for william hill. william is a simple man and does not read my blog because it is too deep, and has too many short sentences. so here is a post for you dearest william. i am writing in complete sentences so you can understand. i woke up this morning and had birthday cake for breakfast. i don't think life could get any better than that. did you understand that simple man, or would you like it spelled out?

p.s. you don't understand how incredibly hard it is to write in complete sentences and trying not to infuse some sort of meaning. but here it is. a simple post. for my simple friend. you know i love you.


eighteen. that's what age i turned yesterday. and i will not lie... it feels alot like being seventeen. except now i can be kicked out of my house and sent to jail... if i do anything wrong. i had a wonderful birthday. i started off the day with a spoiled surprise from michael bowman. i was supposed to be asleep in the tent... but i had to use the bathroom and my sister wouldn't let me back in. so while i argued with her... he was walking through the backyard. i stared at him for about five minutes in awe that he had showed up to surprise me 2 hours early. we played super mario and watched avatar to fill up some time. then this was my day,

a hike to bridal veil with a surprise lunch provided by michael bowman. the mist from the waterfall felt amazing. no lie.

i learned how to properly drive stick shift and drove sami all the way down the canyon.


michael bowman and i headed to veterans pool. and had a fun little swimming party. it was crowded but water had never felt so good.

we got hungry, so we hit up mcdonalds. he had ordered two mcdoubles... but they had registered that as seven. they gave him his money back and told us to keep the extra mcdoubles... which are still in my fridge.

we went to my home and played piano and watched some bones. then helped my grandma fill up her car with gas. she has shingles in her finger.

we drove around and i was feeling down... so we talked. and i felt much better.


we sand to the radio as we went up to south fork park to "watch the sunset". but instead i was bombarded by friends and a surprise birthday party.

we got stalled for twenty minutes talking to anna victoria on our way to the rest room.


we partied like villains... and i got an incredibly soft blanket with a tigers face on it from william.

we went to my home and dropped some stuff off. then while the others went to taco bell. michael and i went and talked at the park. i was cold.


princess william called and said he and nicole were coming to join us.

we four swung on the swings and told silly stories...

nicole and i ran across the feild... :) bare footed and other such fun.

nicole and william ran away together (not what you think) to the other playground.

michael and i sat on a bench and enjoyed each others company chatting and such.

we got worried the two trouble makers were abducted by gremlins. so we called william to check on them. they were indeed not abducted by gremlins.

i got tired so i started to fall asleep while michael told a story about davinci and a teleportation device.

i got dropped off at home. and smiled as i fell asleep because my birthday really had been the best.

womanhood will be grand.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


i am a working woman as of today. i sell knives and other such cutleries. a dream job yes? it'll get me by. i send my appreciation to the other working women of the world. independence... works.

Monday, June 21, 2010

i am confused tonight blog readers.
i really don't know what to do...


you are just
a girl
nothing more
than a

you are just
broken potential
there was
so much
but it's just

you are just

you are just

shut up

shut up
get out
my head.


you are just screaming


just go away.

you've broken my heart.

torn up my dreams

so i am just
a lost girl

just a


just leave.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

dear blog readers.
i miss comments.
kiss kiss
Love always.


mmmmm. i could be a lizard. soak up warm rays all day long. but i've learned the hard way. if you stay in the sun for long enough... you get burned. it's simple. too much of a good thing... isn't healthy. keep that in mind.


we have a rock... i think that qualifies us for ultimate nerdhood.


sometimes life is hard. and then sometimes the little things happen and remind you that life isn't that bad. like soft guitar music, and throwing rocks into a river, or taking a nap under a tree. life is beautiful, and the hard times make the good times even better.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


welcome sun. the clouds have finally decided to disappear and give me that 85 degree blue skied weather that i've been wanting. thank you sun. i like you. kinda alot. i'm going to tan.

Monday, June 14, 2010


my head really really hurts. i can only process so many things at one time. and i get in a jumble when there are too many things going on at once. chill. i can hear. just let my head rest for a bit.

Friday, June 11, 2010


where to even begin with you. i remember when you told me you were jealous you didn't make my blog. and i'm sorry you haven't yet. but today. i blog for you. michael. you make me happy. and i didn't see that before. i didn't want to. you tell me that i am beautiful and i blush. you stroke my face and i can't think. michael. i truly care about you. so much more than you even know. you are strong. and handsome. and i could get lost in your eyes. i want to be with you constantly. and i hate that we are so far apart. and that i am not with you right now. i looked past you for so long. and you wanted me. but i didn't listen. you are my friend. and then i realized. what am i doing. why am i letting an opportunity to be with the most amazing guy on the planet pass me by. i was an idiot. i loke you michael. tu es mi corazon.


allergies are no fun. with in the past week i think i've had enough sneezes to wipe out a third world country. my nose is tickly. and my eyes are itchy. and i can't wear my contacts... who ever invented summer allergies was a very very inconsiderate man.


dear vegas,

you are much too far away.
take care of my boy.
end of story.
thank you.

always yours,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


it's been too long since i've seen you blog. i missed you. but i've been busy. i love you blog. and how you are my outlet. i thank you for that. i'm sorry i was gone for too long. it's been too hard to find time. but you are too great. and too awesome. and too cool. i'll try not to be so late next time.


i cry alot lately. not because i'm sad. i'm terribly happy. but because of growing and change. i went to denver. and i loved it. and that scared me. i am lya. the little provo girl. waking up every morning to giant mountains and blue skies. i can't see myself as lya. the big denver girl. waking up every morning to tall buildings and loud sounds... so i cried. tears of fear. because i am scared. i will not lie. i am scared. but happy. my life isn't easy. but i'm glad it's not. if it were easy i wouldn't be the lya i am today.

i am lya. the little dreamer girl. waking up every morning to hope of another day...