Friday, July 11, 2014

12:24 am

I have been so unbelievably happy these days. Yesterday I had the chance to see one of my greatest friends Janae. Sitting in the rain, soaking wet, watching a softball game. The environment was not ideal but seeing my good friend brought me such great joy. I had been worrying a lot lately and she had just the right things to say that changed my perspective right around.

As the day concluded I was driving down the street with my favorite song blaring from the speakers. At that exact moment I was overcome with  peace and joy. I looked at the clock. 12:24 am.

I know times are going to get tough and I will undeniably freak out sometimes. But I have 12:24 to hold onto and remember in my hardest times that I have experienced pure untainted joy and love for life. Thanks Jay for helping me find my 12:24 moment. It's a good life.