Sunday, April 18, 2010


i am dying. just so you know. everyday i get closer to my last breath. i think. i always think. sometimes it gives me a headache. tomorrow i could not be here. is anybody going to notice i am not there tomorrow. who is going to come to my funeral? the funeral of a girl who is really weird, and always over thinks, and who was bitter and sarcastic. i don't want a funeral i don't think. i don't want people to cry when i am gone. don't miss me. don't you dare miss me. remember me. and what i've done in your life. if i was a brat, if i was a friend, if i was just some stupid girl you never even liked. just remember me. i'm trying to make myself the kind of person, people will want to be alive for ever. the one they don't want to say good bye to.

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