Thursday, May 21, 2009


stop. rewind. delete. did that just happen?  i want to delete that moment so bad. those few words... those words that just make everything so... different. things we do everyday affect our future. we have to watch what we do carefully because if we let things get out of hand... we can't just turn back the clock and delete. if only it were so easy... the only thing you can do is move on... life is one long continuous story in the making... but this story has no way to delete what has been written... it's permanent.


the world thrives on opposites. without them... how would we learn anything. how would we know hot if we never felt cold. how would we feel great if we hadn't felt pain and sickness.  the world is a weird place in which we need to feel these things. to grow. to learn. and because that's how the world is... i guess i'm okay with that.

Friday, May 8, 2009

no more.

dear everyone,

i want no more apologies. honestly apologies make me feel like a failure. "i'm sorry you didn't make it." i am aware of most of the happenings in my life... and i prefer to not be reminded of my failures with every apology i receive. i know some of you mean it. but lulu mostly doesn't like to hear apologies, she can send her own daggers into her heart thank you.
so please don't open my healing wound. or heaven forbid rub salt into it... that is just rude, and painful. believe it or not... but i am not a huge fan of pain. yeah yeah yeah. i know, who does. anyway... please, i don't know how many more daggering apologies i can take... so no more. please & thank you.

love always,



all i need is time. it only hurts for the first bit... it'll always get better no matter how long it takes.


it's not a grand feeling when your heart is breaking. when you feel like everything you've ever loved was never really yours to begin with. that you had no right to love it like you did. because all it did was break your heart and destroy your spirit. broken hearts are no fun... but they are fixable... there is no reason someone should be left broken forever.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


don't be afraid to put yourself out there... sometimes you get burned but you'll always heal. no matter how long and agonizing the healing process can be. don't regret not saying something you wish you had... life's too short, don't waste it.


so many questions. so few useful answers.


"dance is a poem of which each movement is a word"

dance isn't just a way to move your body. it is a way to express deep meanings and ideas in a new and creative way. it is a way to be who you are and say what you need to say with no words at all. dance is purely and completely what you make it. and that is why i love it.