Friday, April 30, 2010


can i tell you a secret? yes. good. i am really afraid to fly. scared to death. what if i fall. what if i can't catch the wind. what if my new nest is ugly and doesn't accept me. i'm scared to fly. i'll be away from everything i love. all the other birds that look just like me. but i guess never quite matched. destined to belong with a different breed. similar but different. i'm scared to fly. and have to go and leave with only a good bye echoing behind. a faint memory that fades with time. i'm scared to fly. because you won't be there to catch me anymore. i have to do it alone. nothing but the wind to carry me off. i'm scared to fly but i have to. this nest is too small and there are other places that need me more. i am sophie the bird, and i'm scared to fly... but i'm going to do it anyway.

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