Thursday, April 28, 2011


i'm afraid. mostly for college, i have decided to become a dance major. i want to be a dance teacher. i know i know. i am not a very good dancer. what do i think i am doing? what possessed me to think that i can do it. i am so full of fear, a dog could smell me from a mile away (dogs smell fear you know). but i think i have something to prove. i know i am not the best. i may not even be good at all. but i am in love with dancing. there are really only a few things i have a deep passion for and that is dancing, music, and fashion. i dream in choreography. and all i know though i am so afraid, is that i have so much passion for dancing. i will work my bum off, i will work thrice as hard as everyone else, i will overcome my accident, i will become flexible, i will work on my technique til my feet bleed, i will be brave. because i want to be a dance teacher. i want to inspire girls and let them know that even though if they may be late bloomers it is never to late to have a passion. for whatever. i don't want to give up. i want to fight. i want to prove that i can do it. simply because i love it.


my boyfriend is a lovely man.
michael bowman bybee. i love you.
today he stopped by on his way home from work (he exterminates pests) just to say hello, talk for an hour, laugh and kiss me goodbye. i still get butterflies bloggers. i still smile as i send him on his way. i never thought that i would be a gush, but here i am finding myself head over heels for my proud and lovely future missionary. i wouldn't change it for anything in the world. feeling this way is lovely.

Monday, April 25, 2011


it's odd isn't it.

. missing something that can seem so silly to others.

but it's not silly. it won't ever be.

it is important.

being heard
for example is important.

so here it is blog readers my message for the day.

don't ever let anybody tell you what is important to you. you know your priorities. you know your passions. no one can run your life besides the person linked to your brain. which last time i checked was only you. live your dreams and never give up. because what you love. it's important.
my other computer has been having a problem with it's "C" key the space bar and the "r" key. so blogging had been put on a temporary stand still. but here i am again. missing my box and the blue and orange of the blogging home screen, so now i am glad to be home.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i can't sleep.

but what can you do?