Monday, July 26, 2010

lets talk about marriage...

my sister is getting married. tying the knot. yep. friday. in manti. strange. yes. believe it. and this is all i can handle talking about marriage right now. just remember. it rocks. yay married people.

vanilla pecans.

i had ice cream today. the vanilla kind with pecans. the best nut. possibly. while eating this creamy treat i realized how amazing something as simple as vanilla ice cream topped with pecans. life is like that i think. it's simple. mmm. but it becomes amazing when you top it off with pecans. so what are your pecans? long days with friends. singing. dancing in the rain. blogging maybe. i suggest finding it and taking a taste. life hits the spot everytime. promise.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


hello hello. here i am yet again dedicating another blog post to so you think you can dance. robert. it's your week. last wednesday robert was paired with all star allison in an amazing travis wall contemporary. robert has reached a place in my heart. he has so much love and passion. a true mommas boy. you are going places darling.

check out one of the most incredible contemp dances yet...

robert&allison top 7 fix you


i watched him walk away and i smiled. because i am happy. happier than i've ever been besides being a little girl on christmas morning. happy because we found it. we found it. tu eres mi corazon.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


alex wong. i know you don't read my blog but. you are incredible. the best really. you were supposed to win. and i cried when i heard the result of your mri. my heart is broken along with yours darling. i know you'll spank next season. and i'll be there voting for you every week. love you!

p.s. kent... it's all up to you now. knock 'em dead. win it for alex.

Monday, July 12, 2010

kent & lauren

hello bloggers. i don't know how many of you loves have been watching so you think you can dance this season. but let me tell you it is amazing. i am not lying. this last weeks episode the contestants had to do two dances one with an all star and one with another contestant. kent and lauren were paired up and their travis wall contemporary to collide was amazing. i suggest giving it a look see. i love you kent!

check out this link to view this incredible dance!

Collide kent&lauren top 8

Friday, July 9, 2010


hello hello hello blogging community. today is a monumental day. this blog post. this one right here makes my two hundredth blog post! *iearfklsd;;f k;lvcjx re;rfakl;m* just imagine streamers and noise makers going off right then. two hundred everyone. that is alot of blogging! in honor of my blog's two hundredth child you can all treat your selves to cake and ice cream. i won't be providing. so if you have none of that then use your imagination. HAPPY TWO HUNDRED BLOG!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


i can't believe
that i've done it again
i let myself
break my heart again.

i think i set myself up for failure
i think my world is so good and happy
and perfect.

but it's not.
even though i thought so

i accepted my break
and even moved on to my back up plan
dance education

but no.
she has too much faith in me
she doesn't want me to give up
my dream

neither do i.

but i'm here.
stuck and broken hearted
having to kiss away
my denver


bolts & screws.

you know the "lump in your throat" anger. you try to swallow down the hate tears so it creates this awful traffic jam in your throat. that is the worst kind of anger i think. it's like there is a war going on inside you. and you are fighting so hard to keep your emotion inside. sometimes it's a battle you win. and sometimes it's not. sometimes people do things that force those nasty hate tears right out of your throat and into scream mode. it's like you are a machine. falling apart under the pressure. your bolts and screws are coming lose. your whole body rattling the small things away. and then you lose it and fall apart. and over heat. your radiator is empty. and all you think is... screw you. stay out of my life.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

stargazing & iceblocks.

what do you get when you add a bunch of crazy people with ice blocks and darkness. a party. it's hard to find people that will put their heads in the middle of a circle to stargaze these days... so when you find them hold on to them. just saying.

"this is micah. he has two moms"
"three. actually"

"this is lya our most favorite mexican ever."
"this is casada our most favorite mexican ever."

"my name is kinda boring cause my mom was white."
"no way mine too!"

"It's funny cause it's racist."

"she has the best not swear word vocabulary ever."
"Cuss yes."

"who's that man over there. what do you think he's looking for"
"maybe he just lost his puppy. no way me too."

"let's just pass that guitar around like beer. everyone just take a strum"

"he'll probably go home and write her a song."
"he's walking away without his guitar. he can't write without a guitar."
"he'll hum."

"trust fall"

"trust fall"

"you guys are just really fascinated with her legs"

"holy shasta. what the cuss was that"
"dude you're right. it is the best!"

"what is that?"
"stop that you are freaking me out"
"no seriously. i think it's a cell phone light."

"be careful. remember those cell phone lights."
"i think we're safe. they looked like girls"

"i don't have dolphin towels."

"trust fall"

"have you seen disturbia? this reminds me of when he looks down and there's that corpse"
"seriously. that movie is so not scary until all the sudden there's a dead body."

"what kind of idiot gets out of the car to move a dead human body."
"she was blonde wasn't she."

"where's he going. i'm afraid he'll get raped or something"

"sometimes there's a fat mexican woman inside me that wants to come out"

how to: lose a job in 10 days.

1. suck at your job.
2. forget to call pdi twice in a row.
3. make no sales.
4. show up later than 15 minutes early.
5. improperly fill out your track sheet.
6. lose drive.
7. have a negative attitude.
8. don't try hard.
9. don't follow the script.
10. don't listen to your manager.

don't you just hate hate hate when you start a job thinking it is going to be completely different from what you thought? it's an awful feeling because you know you aren't cut out for what they want you to be cut out for. and everyone yells at you because you think that. number one rule in sales, be confident. hey now. i am confident. in myself and in life and heck even in the product. but that confidence is all. i don't like calling people. and i don't think i should have to try and sell anything to anybody. if someone wants it they can talk to me. i am not a quitter. but i guess i am. i started out with high potential. and now. well now lets just say i am broken potential.