Thursday, December 24, 2009


merry christmas blog readers. tis the season to let people you know how much you care. so go ahead. tell somebody you love them. let somebody know they have had an impact on your life. it's never to late to have the christmas spirit and to share it with others. don't be afraid to love. because loving is probably in the top ten best feelings in the world. say what you feel today, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. share the love people. and remember to find the true meaning of christmas. tis the season for love. enjoy your holiday.


i remember when...
we first met in third grade.
we were both weird
and we became best friends.

i remember when...
you started home school
and i cried cause i missed you.
and when you came back
i ignored you.
because i was mad you left me.

i remember when...
i was sorry.
because i ignored you.
and so we made up.

i remember when...
we went sledding
and went over a big bump
and my glasses flew off and broke.
and i was going to kill
the boy that made that jump.

i remember when...
your dad fixed them for me
and we watched the

i remember when...
we went to cotillion
and both looked like

i remember when...
we graduated sixth grade
and we made caps before
school at your house.

i remember when...
we started middle school
and we were both so scared
of growing up
and of new things.

i remember when...
we went our separate ways
and didn't see so much
of each other

i remember when...
i got hit by a car
and you laughed
cause you guessed it was me

i remember when...

you went to st. louis
and i didn't even know.

i remember when...
we decided to be best friends again
and how it happened
so nonchalantly in the halls.

i remember when...
we had adventures together
and we could have fun
being ourselves.

i remember when...
i got in a car accident
you were the first one at the scene
and you held my hand
until my mom could show up

i remember when...
we were at girls camp
and we made a pact
to stay friends forever.

i remember when...
i broke that pact because
i was jealous of your
new best friend.

i remember when...

you forgave me
for being so stupid.

i remember when...
you always made me brave
even when i was afraid.
and how you were
always a best friend to me
even when i was hard to deal with

i remember when...
you'll always be one of
the bestest best friends
i have ever had
and i love you.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


it makes me sick to think of how jealous i get. how anytime he talks to another girl it drives me crazy. how anytime he's with another girl i go mad. it's like an uncontrollable beast inside me, that eats at my insides until it's freed. this is not at all what i was expecting. but i can't help caring about him. and i guess jealousy comes in that package.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


it's weird to wake up and be happy. to know you'll get to see that one person in the whole world who makes you smile more than any other. it's like the sun has shone it's face in the coldest darkest cave. the warmth is amazing. being happy is amazing. don't let anyone tear you down. being happy is where it's at. why go through life any other way?