Tuesday, July 6, 2010

stargazing & iceblocks.

what do you get when you add a bunch of crazy people with ice blocks and darkness. a party. it's hard to find people that will put their heads in the middle of a circle to stargaze these days... so when you find them hold on to them. just saying.

"this is micah. he has two moms"
"three. actually"

"this is lya our most favorite mexican ever."
"this is casada our most favorite mexican ever."

"my name is kinda boring cause my mom was white."
"no way mine too!"

"It's funny cause it's racist."

"she has the best not swear word vocabulary ever."
"Cuss yes."

"who's that man over there. what do you think he's looking for"
"maybe he just lost his puppy. no way me too."

"let's just pass that guitar around like beer. everyone just take a strum"

"he'll probably go home and write her a song."
"he's walking away without his guitar. he can't write without a guitar."
"he'll hum."

"trust fall"

"trust fall"

"you guys are just really fascinated with her legs"

"holy shasta. what the cuss was that"
"dude you're right. it is the best!"

"what is that?"
"stop that you are freaking me out"
"no seriously. i think it's a cell phone light."

"be careful. remember those cell phone lights."
"i think we're safe. they looked like girls"

"i don't have dolphin towels."

"trust fall"

"have you seen disturbia? this reminds me of when he looks down and there's that corpse"
"seriously. that movie is so not scary until all the sudden there's a dead body."

"what kind of idiot gets out of the car to move a dead human body."
"she was blonde wasn't she."

"where's he going. i'm afraid he'll get raped or something"

"sometimes there's a fat mexican woman inside me that wants to come out"

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