Wednesday, July 7, 2010

bolts & screws.

you know the "lump in your throat" anger. you try to swallow down the hate tears so it creates this awful traffic jam in your throat. that is the worst kind of anger i think. it's like there is a war going on inside you. and you are fighting so hard to keep your emotion inside. sometimes it's a battle you win. and sometimes it's not. sometimes people do things that force those nasty hate tears right out of your throat and into scream mode. it's like you are a machine. falling apart under the pressure. your bolts and screws are coming lose. your whole body rattling the small things away. and then you lose it and fall apart. and over heat. your radiator is empty. and all you think is... screw you. stay out of my life.

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Sarah © said...

hope everything's okay.
love you and miss you