Tuesday, July 6, 2010

how to: lose a job in 10 days.

1. suck at your job.
2. forget to call pdi twice in a row.
3. make no sales.
4. show up later than 15 minutes early.
5. improperly fill out your track sheet.
6. lose drive.
7. have a negative attitude.
8. don't try hard.
9. don't follow the script.
10. don't listen to your manager.

don't you just hate hate hate when you start a job thinking it is going to be completely different from what you thought? it's an awful feeling because you know you aren't cut out for what they want you to be cut out for. and everyone yells at you because you think that. number one rule in sales, be confident. hey now. i am confident. in myself and in life and heck even in the product. but that confidence is all. i don't like calling people. and i don't think i should have to try and sell anything to anybody. if someone wants it they can talk to me. i am not a quitter. but i guess i am. i started out with high potential. and now. well now lets just say i am broken potential.

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gmana9 said...

OR you can bring your knives to one of the meetings and throw all of them a Matt. If one hits him he might die, but even if they don't hit him you could get fired. Just thought I would throw that one in.