Thursday, May 13, 2010

strange dreams part one.

i am in a room. it's small and white. i am alone. in a white nightgown. what am i doing here? i try to speak but i can't. i don't know where i am or why i can't speak. nothing is making sense. i hear a voice. male. i recognize it. but i don't. the tone is strange. saying words i don't understand. there is no one there but me. i try to stand, but i can't. gravity is keeping me on the cold white floor. what is wrong with me. there is no door. or windows. just a blank box with me inside. i am scared. i don't want to be alone. but still i am. it is quiet. and i don't like the quiet. it hurts my head. my head is pounding. i don't want to be alone. a sound. quiet as a pin falling. but it is there. in a corner. there is someone. i know them. but i don't. they are walking towards me. help me up. but i still can't speak. my voice won't come. they are smiling at me. i think i love them. but i don't know them. then i am falling. in darkness. cold wind whipping my hair. i am going to die here. then i wake up.

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