Sunday, May 2, 2010


dear you,

hi. i am really awkward. and i mess up sometimes when i speak. and i find myself doing silly things. stupid things. just cause. it's kinda hard for me to explain. but i do. i am a silly girl. a silly girl that doesn't quite have as tight a grip on life as she wished she did. as she pretends she does. but fake it til you make it right? i am a girl that has thick eye brows. and chappy lips. and long tangely hair. but you still think i'm beautiful. and that makes me smile. cause sometimes it seems like the world isn't on my side. but you are, right? i over analyze things. all the time i do. and i get jealous over stupid things even though you don't like me to. i am a whole different person with you in my life, and i like that person. so i don't know why sometimes i hide from that person. you make her great. but i do stupid things that drive you away sometimes. you don't want to go. but i make you. and it's dark. and i don't like it. i don't like being alone. and i know everytime i push you away i am more alone and vulnerable than ever. i know you only want whats best for me. and everyday i get better. i just want to say thank you. for making me want to be the beautiful person you want me to be. i love you.