Tuesday, May 4, 2010


growing up is hard. but i'd like for you to know. that i've done a little bit of that. growing up i mean. i did it. it was so hard. but i decided to bury what i had. what was driving me to insanity. i did it. and i cried. just a little bit. cause it was the one thing in this world that i wouldn't let go. the one thing i held onto. but i let go. i put it in a small box and buried it. it'll be better this way. and i feel so relieved. but at the same moment. i think i have to go dig it up. i can't leave it dirty in the ground. but i can't. because i've said it out loud and i meant every word. i'd like to cry right now. not because of this. but because i'm growing up. and it scares the cuss out of me. and i hate to be weak. but to those of you that read my blog. i am very vulnerable. grown ups don't cry. secret? i don't want to be grown up. it is a love hate relationship. growing up is hard. but we all have to bury the past sometime.

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