Thursday, March 12, 2015


An old poem from my collection. Written during my little infinities phase. "In moments of darkness, it is the memory of light that can save us"...


Nights are hard.
When the constant wind has beat against the rough edges of your soul.
The thoughts of inadequacy creeping in.
Poisoning all optimism
Left to fight back the fears that
Would soon consume you.
Exhausted from constantly offering
Your last thread of hope.

They need it.

Your hope.

and to see you fighting
To see you grasping on to the ledge
With your final ounce of strength.
To hear your warriors cry.

You need it too.
The will to never give up.

And you know...
The nights will still come
Seeming to steal your light
To push you down
With all its strength
ready to devour
the stars still shine
They offer you the strength
You need
When you cannot muster another step

A small token
A moment
A memory
Of a time where the sun still shines.

They need it.

The light.

You need it too.


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