Sunday, April 1, 2012


sometimes bad things happen. even though you really really really didn't want them to. you don't even know whats happening, til its gone. all you can do is cry sometimes. cry as they hold you and tell you how sorry they are. i am so sorry. over and over and over. but you still cry. just let it out. and it makes them so unhappy that they hurt you. but i have always been a bigger person. and i am quick to forgive. i forgive you. i do. with all my heart. its all going to be okay. i know we have alot we need to work out, so i'm going to try. i'm going to try helping you. and making sure you never feel so unhappy again. because i think i am a helper. and i want people to be happy. so smile. it's okay. i forgive you. it might take me awhile to trust you. but just know i am going to try. and i know we aren't the forever type, so i will try and help you for the next great thing that will happen to you. don't you worry. i won't give up on you.

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