Thursday, December 8, 2011


i remember when you told me that when you first started texting me you thought i had to be fat or ugly because pretty girls just weren't that nice.

i remember when you told me i was the most beautiful girl you had ever seen.

i remember when you told me you loved me and you were so scared that i could barely hear you.

i remember when i said it back and you smiled ear to ear.

i remember the first time we went to the park together, and i sat on the swing and you brushed a stray peice of hair behind my ear very stereotypically.

i remember when we both swung on the swings at the park because we thought it'd be romantic, but really both of us get nauseous on swings, we were just faking it because we thought the other liked it.

i remember when you first held my hand, i was telling you a story about my scar, and you very smooth like put your hand in mine.

i remember when you first took my breath away.

i remember when we first danced together as a couple, to angel by jack johnson playing on pandora as we danced all alone in the back of the elementary school.

i remember our anniversary and how i bought new clothes and went tanning and got a mani/pedi done because i wanted to look absolutely stunning for you.

i remember when you took me to the waterfall and we stood under the freezing water for about two seconds before chickening out.

i remember our last monday together before your mission. and how when i saw you i lept into your arms because i couldn't even contain myself anymore.

i remember when my parents said i couldn't see you before you left, and i was crying hysterically and you calmed me down instead of getting angry.

and i remember how you drove down to see me for just twenty minutes because you wanted to see me one last time.

i remember calling you after you left, and you were crying, which of course made me cry and we had a lovely cry together.

i remember the last words you ever said to me before you shipped off to the MTC. "i love you baby, i'll see you soon."

i love remembering. it makes me really happy. because i know that we have so many memories. and we get to make even more later in life. you aren't gone for a long time. it's just a little bit. so thank you michael for the memories. they are something nice to hold onto when i'm feeling down. i love you, i'll be seeing you. te amo.

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