Sunday, December 4, 2011


i've been a smidge down lately. maybe it's because of finals coming up. or because semester is ending. i'm not sure... i've just been down. so i've decided to change some things. here is my manifesto on how to stop feeling so down. i know this will be the first step to truly being happy again.

1. Stop bad talking people. every single person in this world is a beautiful son or daughter of God and they deserve to be treated as such. hurting someone whether they know i'm doing it or not is never okay. there is never an excuse for that. ever. so it is the first thing to go.

2. choose the right. i always wear a ring on my finger that says this... but i need to do it more. not in just a religious way... but also in a life way. i need to make better choices.

3. be more social. i need to talk to people. and smile and let them know that even if i hardly know them i care about them. everyone deserves a friend.

This is what i believe i need to start doing to feel better about myself, i've been doing a lot of self evaluation lately and i know that i want to be a better person. feel free to join me on my soul searching journey. i think it;d be good for the world to go through these changes. but maybe by just changing me i can make a difference. a small difference, but a difference all the same.

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