Monday, November 14, 2011

lyrics from the mind of scout.

a song i wrote dedicated to my lovely cowboy proudly serving the people of texas mcallen

we said goodbye
you kissed my lips one last time
you looked at me
with those big brown eyes
and i cried.

you touched my cheek
and you said
baby we don't have to speak
i've got it all in my heart
here it is:

I know that you know
that you make me happy
and even though we'll be far apart
your soul will still sing to me.

and everyday in every way
i'll feel your heart beating
cause you know that i know
that you love me.

1 comment:

Tiana Ells said...

I teared up. I love you Lya! I can't wait to meet this man that makes you so happy. You're beautiful. :)