Thursday, October 14, 2010

figure it out.

you know what is kinda funny? people caring about how other people live their lives. i mean... it's not your life to live so why are you poking your dirty little nose past other peoples privacy curtains. wow. that sounded harsh. i mean as humans we have feelings and we can care about people. but some people do not like... pushing nudging prodding bugging sniffing urging or poking with long sticks. do you catch my drift? i think every person in this whole world is plenty capable of running their own lives. i think that might be the reason that only one person can be in one body. except in severe cases of skitzo and/or mpd. but seeing as the majority of us are not... i think we can make our own decisions. so figure it out. figure it out. where do you (key word you) want to go with your life. go there and don't wait for someone to hold your hand. you can do it little bird. just try and jump.

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