Friday, June 11, 2010


where to even begin with you. i remember when you told me you were jealous you didn't make my blog. and i'm sorry you haven't yet. but today. i blog for you. michael. you make me happy. and i didn't see that before. i didn't want to. you tell me that i am beautiful and i blush. you stroke my face and i can't think. michael. i truly care about you. so much more than you even know. you are strong. and handsome. and i could get lost in your eyes. i want to be with you constantly. and i hate that we are so far apart. and that i am not with you right now. i looked past you for so long. and you wanted me. but i didn't listen. you are my friend. and then i realized. what am i doing. why am i letting an opportunity to be with the most amazing guy on the planet pass me by. i was an idiot. i loke you michael. tu es mi corazon.

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