Monday, June 28, 2010

jonathan edmundo.

dear baby.

:) baby. baby boy. the doctor said you were going to be a girl. you are the surprise of the century. in more ways than one. but baby jonny eddy. i love you. thank you for completing our family. you are in for alot babe. i remember when i heard you were born i was shocked. i was expecting another santa maria girl. but papi said you had the boy parts. and you can't deny nature. for the first five minutes when i heard the news i just thought... what about all the cute little girl clothes... boys are no fun. but you know. when i saw you in your hospital bed you made me love you. and i forgot all about the cute little girl clothes. so don't worry i won't dress you like a girl. i pinky swear. papi was glowing. glowing. he knew you were a boy when the rest of us thought you were a girl... we apologize for that by the way... we love you boy. welcome to the family. number 8. we are a complete boxed set now. love you.


8 pounds 9 ounces 14 inches tall

already making funny faces.


Philip said...

Dear Jonny,
How excited I am to finally see you little cousin! Like your papi, I had a gut feeling you were a boy. That makes me 80% correct :) I can't wait for you to grow up big and play with my kids some day. I have not seen you yet, but I love you little man
Your big cousin,

Jena said...

Can I just tell you Lya, I cried when I read this! Your words are beautiful and they are going to be amazing when you can one day share them with your new little brother! And of course, we will have to tell him about the yellow watermelon we ate as you opened all of the little girl clothes for him! Congratulations on the new baby brother!

Love, Jena

Sarah © said...

congrats!!!! ah! i saw you called and left a voicemail but i can't check it, it's drivin me crazy haha. but he's so cute! love you! i'm gonna meet him when i get home

Aubrey Noelle said...

He is sooo cute!