Monday, March 15, 2010


sometimes when i think. i don't really think about what i'm thinking about. profound isn't it. sometimes i will sit for hours on end doing nothing, and realize. what the eff was i just thinking about. strange. so i have challenged myself. for three straight minutes write what i am thinking about at the very second i think it. so welcome to my brain. ready. go

i hate it when facebook flashes at me when i have a new message. shut up i know. this computer is making weird noises at me i think i will explode. my sister's birthday is tomorrow. she will be sixteen. i just went to type birthday and accidentally put a v instead of a b and erased it. i am bad at typing. keypad keys make annoying sounds when typed on. why is blogger blue and orange. i think i would much love a cuppie cake right now.


well blogging community. there it is. three whole minutes of my brain. did you survive?

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