Friday, November 14, 2008


twitterpated: adj, definition 1) confused by affection or infatuation.
2) an undeniable step in the circle of life.

one must be twitterpated at least once in their life. romance seems to be one of those things you can't find a way around. no matter how much you don't want to end up in a pit of heartbreak and confusion. but one cannot deny the absolute amazing feeling of knowing someone has your heart, and the even greater of knowing that you have theirs. heart break is just a ping of disapointment and can feel like a knifeful of pain to the heart... twitterpation can easily sew up the gash that was left wounding your broken heart. take it from one who knows... dont give up just yet, someone, somewhere is falling in love with you right this second. Even if you don't even know it.


Never frown. no matter what, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.


Sarah © said...

did you write all that yourself?
if so, kudos to you.

Sarah © said...

o. and i forgot to say that i added you to my friends and family list.
hope you don't mind!