Wednesday, June 6, 2012


we are so absolutely small. tiny in the universe. it is absolutely mind blowing to even begin to fathom.

we are here. earth. home sweet home. we are tiny unrecognizable specs on this word. sleeping, or brushing our teeth, or rushing to work. how many of us even realize that there is so much more to life than us.

now we move up. lets see if you can remember the order of the planets from elementary school... hmmm. my very excellent mother just served us nine... oh wait. pluto isn't even a planet anymore. my very excellent mother just served us... noodles. we look even smaller than before. you can't even see any definition of countries or hardly even see our clouds. we are just part of one small orb light years away from everything else.
out we go again... and we are a galaxy. and you can't even see our lovely sun that tans our skin in the summer time. we become insignificantly lost in a sea of other stars.
just when you thought we couldn't get any smaller. we found the virgo cluster. believe it or not our milkyway is not even one of the more prominent galaxies. we are just a tiny white spec that looks like any other star in the night sky.

ever since i started my astronomy class i have grown such a large appreciation for just how special we are. i have a body i breathe air, i have a sun that warms my skin and an earth that has changes in weather. i am utterly and absolutely speechless. we are so small yet we have technology and emotions and tiny cells that work to keep us alive

we are the universe and the universe is us.

we are so irreversibly connected. and that is amazing to me. absolutely amazing.

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