Monday, May 7, 2012


it is incredible to me... how much it means just to simply hear a voice. how one voice can raise against or soothe. we have so much power with the words we say. or the words we don't. i heard my michael's voice this last week. through a small little black box. and i could not contain the joy i felt. his words soothed me. in the darkness of troublesome times this one voice said exactly what i needed to hear. he told me he loved me. and hearing it through his voice made it  more real than just a word on a paper. all of this emotion, out of one voice. it goes to show that we need to be careful what we say. because once words have left our mouth their is no turning back. as best said by thumper, "if you don't have anythin' nice to say, don't say anythin' at all". i believe we need to use the power of our voices to bless lives. whether it be in an "i love you", or just by a "you look great today". we never know the situations of those around us. so go ahead. make someones day. use your voice and lift someone up.

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