Thursday, February 16, 2012

day of love.

i still love valentines day even though my michael is away. he sent me the most beautiful card and a diamond pendant. i am wearing it around my neck as we speak. he also wrote me the most beautiful poem in the most beautiful handwriting. i was smiling ear to ear as i read it. it is incredible the power that words can have. i actually felt his love for me as i read. and even though the sound of his voice and the feel of his warmth are slipping away from me i still know that even after everything we go through together, he still loves me. he even loves me enough to tell me to date. yes i know. my own boyfriend who is crazy about me wants me to date other boys. his words were, i want you to go taste the ice creams and make sure i'm your favorite one. so that's what i'm doing. i am dating. and it feels really nice. and i have had a really great time. i love that i am growing up. and i had a really great valentines day. a wonderful day of love. don't forget even if you seem alone... you never are. someone somewhere can't get you off of there mind, whether it be romantically, friendly or platonically. don't forget. because you really are loved.

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Tiana Ells said...

This made me smile really big like :D