Thursday, April 28, 2011


i'm afraid. mostly for college, i have decided to become a dance major. i want to be a dance teacher. i know i know. i am not a very good dancer. what do i think i am doing? what possessed me to think that i can do it. i am so full of fear, a dog could smell me from a mile away (dogs smell fear you know). but i think i have something to prove. i know i am not the best. i may not even be good at all. but i am in love with dancing. there are really only a few things i have a deep passion for and that is dancing, music, and fashion. i dream in choreography. and all i know though i am so afraid, is that i have so much passion for dancing. i will work my bum off, i will work thrice as hard as everyone else, i will overcome my accident, i will become flexible, i will work on my technique til my feet bleed, i will be brave. because i want to be a dance teacher. i want to inspire girls and let them know that even though if they may be late bloomers it is never to late to have a passion. for whatever. i don't want to give up. i want to fight. i want to prove that i can do it. simply because i love it.

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