Tuesday, March 15, 2011


i miss my soul mates. southern bird and northern star and other such beings. i get in these moods mostly at night. and i weep. just slightly. because i miss my souls. my heart gets so busy sometimes that i don't remember that i actually miss things. but then i slow down. and it pings. and i miss my soul mates. and i think i need to see them. sarah. janae. nicole. saria. my heart pings for you. and you are truly my soul mates forever. because yes i think that i can have more than one. in the non-romantical sort of way.

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Sarah © said...

i think, we're on the same page.
i miss you.
when i slow down enough i notice the gap that real, sincere friends such as you used to fill.
anyways, love you
i think i'll be home in a week