Sunday, January 16, 2011


i feel like something is missing. just a small part of my soul that most people wouldn't regard. but it isn't there anymore. we make relationships everyday. and some of those relationships stick more than others. some relationships turn into the people you grow old with or the people who hold your wedding dress while you pee (27 dresses. wonderful show). and frankly they leave an imprint on your soul. something they take with them where ever they might go. a little piece of you. so i suppose what i am trying to say is don't take those people for granted. because when they leave they still will have your heart whether they be in idaho or st george or half way round the world. just tell them that you care. and they just might give you a little piece of their soul to fill in where you gave yours. just a thought anyway.

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Sarah © said...

oh, you.
wonderful post.
i'm glad you've been in my life for such a long time. let's keep it going.