Friday, November 19, 2010


well if it isn't little ole me. back from the dead. i would like to publicly state that i do actually enjoy blogging but, my time seems to be lacking as of late. i work now. at joann fabric and craft. i know what you are thinking. it is absolutely the perfect job for me. and you are right. my body takes a beating every day from standing up for long hours. but i really don't mind. i don't even seem to notice til after i've made the money for the day. lets see what else. oh yes i costume shows. still. i know what your thinking. what a super senior. well if you haven't noticed i am actually quite good at what i do. and i dont think my drama children have any problem with me jumping back in and making them look beautiful. or rather making them look prisoneresque. i also have found a new love, violet lipstick. i discovered it today and i don't think i will ever be taking it off. well for now you have been updated. live life, love it up, and remember who you are. lu out.

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