Saturday, September 11, 2010


hello blogging community... i have been thinking. i know right that can be dangerous. but i have been thinking alot about what i'm doing with my life. and what everyone else in the world is doing with theirs. i know. i am so concerned. so i wrote a song. called try.

i watch the sky
at night sometimes
a shooting star flys by
way up high

this world is so much bigger
than we even know.
but still we sit and watch
the grass grow

we've got to get out
of this rut we've made
we've got to run
when they say walk
and never be afraid.

we've got to try to live
and try to make a dent
try to find
the things in life
that we've been missing
don't try to hide
because this life
will pass you by
just live out loud
just be proud
that you gave it
a try.

well there you go the first half of my song. i don't know if the people of the world understand how much this life has to offer. and quite frankly the majority of everyone just sits and watches the grass grow. figuratively of course. just think about it. are we going through the motions. sitting letting life experience itself without us... or are we out there making a difference. and molding our lives into exactly the lives we want them to be. do you understand that we have control. it's called free agency. if you've ever heard of it. what we do is our choice. and i know that i want to make a difference. and make a dent in this world that is completely my own. my dear friend sarah beara blogged about something similar recently... it's been on my mind alot. what is life if there is no one to witness it. don't wait around for someone to see you. you go and see someone else. and make a difference in this world. because life isn't life, til you've done something with it... just think about it.

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Sarah © said...

love this post.
you're poetic