Monday, August 2, 2010

nerdy couple.

me+bo=nerdy couple. michael bowman bybee more formally known as bo and i have been together two months yesterday. let me all tell you we are quite the pair. we are hecka nerdy. but it's fun. and i'm hecka glad that he has held on to me this long. thanks babe.

here are some photographic memories of nerdy moments at my sisters wedding. enjoy.

that's my hug face. :) i had an anaconda grip. promise.

sooo handsom. michael bowman everybody.

he was sooo mad i didn't let him in on the funny face memo.

we sang a duet. which is really cute.
because he had never sung in public until this very day!


Aubrey Noelle said...

i love it when you say hecka :)

Steve said...

BO! ah! now i have seen a picture. life fufilled.