Thursday, January 1, 2009

middle man.

Middle Man noun- 1) the one person who is stuck right in the middle of everyone's drama... namely boy drama.

one word of advice... don't be a middle man... middle man means you are get unnumerable texts from people you hardly know... because your best friend doesn't have texting. middle man means you are entitled to giving up every single bit of information you have to the other party.... sometimes it gets really insanely confusing... expect that... drama is one big fat ugly ball of confusing. just stay patient, endure to the end... because usually at least one of the parties actually mean something to you... and this might possibly mean the world to them... the texts i could live with out... but what ever... once a middle man always a middle man...

P.S. I love you AGENT 72... so no worries... i'll always be there for ya... until you get texting. jk. always... and forever. :)


Crowley Family said...

ah! your so sweet.
i'm sorry about all the texts..
i swear it's not my fault.
well kinda is, never should have texted from your phone to begin with!
sorry :]
thanks for everything. your the bestest.


*LuLu* said...

no worries bestie!!! i don't mind taking a few texts for you. i know it is hard for you to not have constant communication with some of your boys... and here is a confession... um current provo love intrest of yours is not very attractive... i'm sorry, maybe it's cause i don't like brown boys... :)